Missoula, Montana

Missoula, Montana

We get the government we deserve, not the one we wish for.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Upcoming Speakers

Feb 12 – Eric Siegfried, Founder of GPS Maps of Missoula - “Finding Your Way Electronically in Montana” – unique maps identifies land ownership around the state. 
Feb 19 – Patrick Barkey, Director, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, UM – “The Economic Outlook for Montana and Missoula in 2016”  

Feb 26 – Fran Albrecht – University of Montana Foundation and a Trustee for the University System.  

Mar 4 – Larry Dunham and Mike Hopkins, both running for Montana House District 92.  Primary June 7. 

Mar 11 -  Mark Holyoak, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Director of Communications.  He will be talking about public land importance and RMEF's efforts to enhance it.  

Mar 18 -  Heidi Meili, She is the long-time news anchor for NBC Television who now hosts the morning news.  For many years she did the evening news.     

Mar    25    -    Good    Friday,    NO    MEETING